lacquer man


Directed by ARJARN JIN 
Produced by HEATHER JIN
Cinematography by ARJARN JIN
Sound Design by ARJARN JIN
Edit & Grade by ARJARN JIN
Production by TSESER

Special Thanks
Wensen Qi / Vincent Cazeneuve 
Xiao Rong 
Yang Laosi 
Sin Sin Man 
Luo Zhongli Art Museum


The creation of objects from the dried sap of lacquer trees, was a medium invented by the Chinese people. Since even Neolithic times, the Chinese used it to great effect, creating some of the most astonishing works of art in the history of mankind. However, producing lacquer wares was not only extremely labour intensive but also poisonous to the craftsmen, therefore the scale of production was relatively small, and they were always highly valued luxury items.

A childhood accident changes the life of rising French artist Vincent Cazeneuve but helps him discover his heightened sense of touch and calling as a lacquer artist. A sensorial portrait that dives into his 11 year journey to unravel the mystery of Chinese lacquer as he prepares new work for a museum exhibition in Chongqing that will push his physical senses to a new limit.